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From February 2015 Mencap Supported Employment Service will offer advice, guidance and support to those people with disabilities and learning disability of working age and who need support to access the job market.  This may involve updating CVs, matching skills to job roles, talking to employers and improving interviewing skills as well as providing job coaching for some in the early stages of their employment, for more information see below:

  •                         Mencap's Employment Support is for those with Learning Disabilities/Difficulties, Physical Disabilities and Autism, who live in Reading Borough.
  •                         They must be of working age and be motivated to find paid work.
  •                         Support will include vocational profiling and assessment of skills; job matching; support to develop employability skills e.g. confidence, personal presentation, following instructions, problem solving, travel training, short work tasters/trials, and interview training.
  •                         Help to apply for jobs e.g. on-line job application process, support at interview and during work trials/work experience.
  •                         Work experience will be time limited with clear goals and outcomes agreed at the outset with all parties.
  •                         Voluntary placements can be used as stepping stone towards achieving paid work.
  •                         Job Coaching provides one to one support in the workplace where needed to help some learn new job routines.
  •                         The Job Coach can help new employees get to know their new colleagues at work.
  •                         Job Coach and participant will review progress and agree areas for further improvement.
  •                         Help to access other training or relevant vocational sector qualifications.
  •                         Help to understand the 'transition' from out of work benefits to 'in work' benefits.
  •                         Help to access specialist disability support where this may be needed relating to work.
  •                         Working in partnership with Elevate Reading Hub's Employer Engagement team.


Suitable Ages:

16-18 18-19 19-24 24+

Other Criteria:

Eligibility will be for those living in Reading Borough area, who have a disability or learning disability.


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