More About Elevate Me

Reading Borough Council won first prize in the O2 “Local Government Futures Fund” in 2012. This fund (£125,000) has been used to create an interactive website known as "Elevate Me".

The purpose of this website is to inform and encourage all young people, particularly young people not in education, training or work (NEETs), to engage in actions that will move them towards suitable employment or training.

Participants can create a personal city in which each building represents a subject (e.g. mentoring / work experience / motivation), and each floor represents a topic within that subject. They can ‘build’ floors by learning about the topic and add banners by tracking their progress. Young people can use the site on their own, or working with advisors.

Business engagement is also key to the site to capitalise on the positive benefits that young people can bring to employers. Often all it takes is making it easier for businesses to engage with the various routes available to bringing young people into or closer to the jobs market – traineeships, work experience, apprenticeships, mentoring etc

The site will be supported and extended by the City Deal project, which aims to bring about a closer match between available jobs and the pool of local talent, addressing the prevalent skills gaps and barriers to employment of a section of the 16-24 year old population, in Reading initially and more broadly across the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP area Among the targets of City Deal:-

  • Aim for a 50% reduction in youth unemployment within 3 years
  • Secure £1.5 million of private sector investment to support employment and up-skilling of young people
  • Generate 1,300 new employment opportunities for young people including helping 800 sustain work for at least six months
  • Develop new approaches to reduce churn in the labour market ensuring 900 young people do not make a repeat claim within 9 months of their last, and increasing the earnings of 450 young people by 10 per cent
  • Deliver improvements in existing schemes including 1,500 new work experience placements
  • Create 300 additional Apprenticeships and 800 new Youth Contract Wage Incentives