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What is Careers Advice?

tick.gif It's fairly obvious that careers advice is where you get advice on your career options and what you want to do in the future. But there are different pathways you can go down when getting careers advice that we'll run through in the following floors!

tick.gif The quickest and most basic way to get careers advice is to search online - on the following floors you'll find useful links to sites containing tonnes of useful advice about how to decide what career you'd like.

tick.gif If you want more personalised, experienced careers advice you can book an appointment with a careers adviser! There are a few options when finding a careers adviser that we've listed below...

Finding a Careers Adviser...

  • At school or college


    You may have a careers adviser at your school or college that you can book an appointment to go and see. Ask your tutor or check your school or college's website for any information.

    If your school doesn't have a careers adviser you can ask teachers you know well for other options that might be available through your school/college or try one the other options listed below.

  • Through the Elevate Service



    We can offer free careers advice and support i.e. training, employment, an apprenticeship or general help regarding your career options.



  • Making the most of your adviser


    If you do go to see an adviser it's important to make the most of your appointment!

    When you go to your first meeting you can make the most of it by taking your CV with you, as well as a pen and some paper to make notes. They might give you useful advice or contacts that you might want to write down!

    Make a list of questions you'd like to ask or things you'd like to find out about to make the most of your time and come out feeling like you have some direction!

    (If you don't yet have a CV, visit the CV Factory for advice on how to write a good CV!)

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