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Apprenticeships Arena

 For more information and support with Apprenticeships you can visit the Elevate Me team who are based at Connexions Centre, Friar Street, Reading.

  • Try an Aptitude Test

    If you are unsure what you want to do an apprenticeship in then try our online aptitude test so that you can get some ideas of what you might be suited to.

  • Register on the NAS site

    Most opportunities are listed on the NAS site so registering is the first step you need to take. Once you've registered click here to show you've completed it.

  • Create an Application Timetable

    Download this document to keep a list of all the opportunities that you are interested in applying for and all the apprenticeships that you might want to go for.

    Click here to Download

  • Set a Deadline

    Set a date in your timetable to send of your applications by.


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