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How do I get Started With Mentoring?

Below we've listed a few ways that you can get yourself a mentor or find out more about your options...

  • Contact an organisation directly

    mentor.gif Send an email to the contact address with a brief description of yourself, explaining why you want a mentor and what you feel you would get out of the experience. They will ask you for some information about the type of support you’d like and will match you to a suitable mentor. 

    mentor.gif You should also politely ask when would be a good time for you to meet your potential mentor. Make sure you provide contact details so they know how to get back to you.

    mentor.gif When you meet with your mentor, you'll get an opportunity talk through exactly what you’re looking for help with, whether that's finding your perfect first job or climbing the career ladder.

  • If you're already in work

    mentor.gif If you've already started a job but would like someone to mentor you so that you can get further, it's best to ask your manager if they know of any mentoring schemes within the company.

    mentor.gif Alternatively, they may know a team member who would be happy to mentor you during your role - your manager may even be happy to be a business mentor themselves if they have the time!

  • What if I don't like it?

    question.gif  There are loads of different types of mentoring and you can try several types before you decide which works best for you.

    question.gif  Once you’ve started you can change your mentor if you find it’s not working out - just let your mentor and the mentoring organisation know.

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