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cbebp-logo.gifCBEBP: Central Berkshire Education Business Partnership helps to organise work experience, especially for school students and young people aged 15-25 yrs.


prospects-logo.gifProspects: A UK wide website with a database that has listings for opportunities of where to get work experience.


university-reading-logo.gifReading University: Reading Uni offers opportunities for work experience for school students in year
10 and 11.


reading-logo.gifReading College: Reading College offers a Work Experience Scheme which will help you set up a placement. The placements offered can either be full time or one day per week over a longer period.


If you're on JobSeekers: You can organise a work placement if you are on Jobseekers allowance and unemployed.


job-is-job-logo.gifJob is Job: This site advertises positions in Reading and Berkshire



Have a look at what employers and young people have to say about the benefits that a Work Experience placement can bring.


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